Get the beautifully bold look you crave with Paul Mitchell® stylers and brushes. Hair that’s lush, full and bouncy is as easy as prep, style and finish.


Up Your Blowout Game


  • Wash and condition with Extra-Body Shampoo and Extra-Body Conditioner.
  • Lightly mist the scalp with Extra-Body Boost, sectioning through as you apply.
  • Brush through hair with a Sculpting Brush starting from the ends to detangle and evenly distribute product.


  • Pre-dry hair with a Dryer using the nozzle attachment to direct hair away from the face to maximize volume.
  • Using an large round brush, begin at the top of the head; take sections no larger than the size of brush and over-direct each section for maximum volume.
  • Guide each section through brush as you dry. With a firm tension, start at the base and then work through, focusing on the ends to polish them.
  • As you complete each section, roll and clip each section with a sectioning clip to lock in the curl you have created while blow-drying.
  • Work your way down and around, ensuring that each section that you take is directed away from the face.
  • Once dry, lock in each section with a 1.5″ curling wand.
  • Wrap each section around the barrel of an 1.5″ curling wand, ensuring to gently tap in the ends.
  • Re-roll and clip each section to cool after curling.
  • Allow the set to cool completely.


  • Once cool, remove sectioning clips.
  • Brush through hair completely with a sculpting brush.
  • Create a deep side part and dress the hair around your face to your liking.
  • Finish with Extra-Body Finishing Spray®.