Make December Count with Paul Mitchell

We cannot pretend- the festive month is knocking at the door ready to sing carols. While the reindeer knits, and oversized bell earring may still be hanging in your wardrobe, salon life is chaotic. Columns are booked till roots, tints, toners and semis’ are spilling over the edges. Despite the madness, there is still time to consider how your business can work harder for you this December. We have collated a few clever tips to engage, delight and reward your salon guests this festive season.

It is the golden-filtered-age of the selfie. Through the eyes of our longstanding love affair with Instagram, the moment captured after transformation is often the final step of a happy guest to share.  Why not create a space to frame this moment by hanging a festive frame for your guest to pose in?  Not only does this give you a playful way to end your service, your work will be shared on social with an immediate connection back to your business- the perfect mini advertisement for future guests.

While services are at their peak through this period, retail is often the opportunity under-utilised by businesses during December.  Change your space, take the products off the shelves, consider your options and celebrate perfectly gift wrapped Paul Mitchell, Awapuhi Wild Ginger or Tea Tree gifts sets that are ready to tempt and take home. Giving luxury is always welcome and if products are gift wrapped, it is easy to entice those that need ideas. Consider highlighting packages by price, or needs. Use the stations, front desk as your new spaces where your guests will take notice.

Your salon window is your billboard for the party season, an opportunity to introduce the guest to your brand. The key to a strong window message is to keep it simple and focused. Transform the space to reflect your festive style. Lights for night-time passer-by’s, hours of trade and the offers/services you are highlighting through this period are critical. Keep window marketing focused and avoid many small signs with multiple messages in a window. They are difficult for the guest to read and can create a cluttered window presentation.

Gift vouchers are always a fabulous choice to highlight to guests who are lost- the gift of choice.  Incentivise this offer by selling your service vouchers with an added value, i.e. sell a $60 service voucher for $50, redemption outlined for the traditionally quieter salon times.  This will not only ensure your guest feels they are getting a great perk, but ensures that quieter periods over January are filled with new guests.

The relationship between hair dresser and client is often far more than simply a curator of their hair style; you are their friend, even sometimes their phycologist. This is the time to express your gratitude for their continued loyalty. Reward your regulars with a gift; three salon gift vouchers, one for themselves and two for their friends or family.  This not only shows them you are grateful, but acts as the perfect chance for new guests to be recommended by a friend.

Stay calm and carry on… this is the season that makes our industry the destination for every man, woman and child to celebrate in style.