At Paul Mitchell Australia we embody the vision of our founders, Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria. We make products for professionals, by professionals. We make luxury hair care products at an affordable price. We nurture the environment and aim to leave the world around us a better place than we found it. We aim to educate, inspire, and invent. We aim to push the industry forward, servicing the needs of professional hairdressers in Australia and New Zealand.


On the warm streets of Los Angeles, California, in 1980, Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria launched their very first product range. Paul Mitchell Shampoo One, Shampoo Two, and The Conditioner were printed on black and white labels, because it was all they could afford with the $700 they used to start the company. They took orders on a telephone answering machine with a pre-recorded message, and hit the road in search of sales. The rest is history.

Today, Paul Mitchell is the largest independent hair brand in the world, with more than 100 products on the shelves in more than 70 countries.



There are two types of ethical people: the first sees giving back as an opportunity for self-promotion and reward, whereby giving back is an indirect gain in public relations or a timely tax break. The second is passionately and innately committed to making the world a better place. We’re the second person. And over the journey, we’ve donated millions of dollars to philanthropic causes, from environmental protection to children’s charities and human rights. We don’t just offer money but support, too, and we mobilize the entire Paul Mitchell community around each and every cause. Today, we are committed to protecting the world’s waterways, planting 500,000 trees, encouraging cruelty free products in the beauty industry, and putting an end to animal testing. We believe in small things in great numbers. In joint efforts, collective goals, and sharing a single message.


We believe in giving at Paul Mitchell. We want to create positive change in the world around us. Our culture of giving means that we donate to charities all over the world, working towards environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and family support. Today, you have the chance to join in too! Just use the #givingismystyle hashtag on Instagram, and we’ll donate $1 to one of our favourite charities on your behalf.*

*up to $200,000 USD.



35 years ago, Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria started a brand that changed the fashion world forever. Today it carries with it that same vision. Products made by professionals, for professionals. Schools that educate and promote progress. Salons that inspire hairdressers the world over to grow and create and explore. A family that spans continents, countries, and language barriers.