Maryke Brown

How did your relationship with the Paul Mitchell brand begin?

After travelling, I arrived in London to work. That is when I was introduced to the Paul Mitchell the brand. I loved the products. I really embraced the messages that were so important to the brand. I love that Paul Mitchell is so environmentally aware – the sustainability, no animal testing, the level of passion for education, & the focus on ‘giving back’. I knew, that one day when I had my own salon, that Paul Mitchell would be the only brand that I would need to help me to achieve success in my business.

What is the cornerstone to your business?

Consultation is very important & most of all clients love a hairdresser that ‘listens’ to the client. The Colour Bar & the Beeba Snack Bar are both very popular with our clients. There are no mirrors at the Colour Bar just plenty of bench space to relax with a magazine, a drink & a choice of great snacks – all with our compliments. Often clients will chat which gives me the feeling that the Colour Bar has a sense of community & friendship.

Who inspires your work?

I am inspired by so many people, both in & out of the industry. John Paul Dejoria came to visit at Beeba – my salon in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast recently. It was great to finally meet him & I can honestly say that his outlook on life is totally inspiring. He is the kind of man that gives you the power to believe that anything is possible in business.

What advice would you give those starting out in the industry to succeed?

Go above & beyond, when looking after your client. Be thorough & make them see that you really do care.