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A term used to emphasize the effect of geographical remoteness on shaping a country’s identity. Specifically referring to Australia: A country defined by its remoteness.


We’re so many thousands of kilometers from the rest of the world, and it shows.

We’re an island in every sense of the word. We have our own way of seeing things. Our own sense of style and taste and living. Because more than anything, we are defined by our remoteness.

Sure, they may forget about us from time to time on the runways of New York and Milan and Paris – but when we have something to say, they never ignore us. Because we’re different, special, spectacularly far outside the realms of influence. We’re the wayward cousins. The ace in the deck. Forever inspired by the Tyranny of Distance.

Introducing Tyranny of Distance

The new Paul Mitchell Australia journal, Tyranny of Distance, is here to tell the story of why Australian style is so different to the rest of the world. We’re here to kick out at the world with Australian style, and document whatever’s new or interesting in Australian fashion.

We’ll give you an insight into the country’s greatest cutters, document the life and culture and style on the streets of Australia’s cities, and get to the bottom of what it is that makes Australian fashion and people so different to the rest of the world.

Stay tuned.